Abandoners - forthcoming from The Operating System, 2018         Pre-order now!


Dream Treatment - Dancing Girl Press, 2013


“Brookside Beach House,” “Returns II,” “Luck,” “Café Near the Teaching Hospital,” “Why We Moved”  - Dreginald 

"Depression (geology)" - Forklift, Ohio

“much as when mushrooms,” “Vapor Train” - Dusie

"Good omens light yr way like reflective squares on the guardrail of the hairpin turn." - Tinderbox Poetry Journal

"Storm Watch (No Outlet)" - ILK 

“Fact Check,” “Empire Boulevard” - NOÖ Weekly

"International Friendship Exhibition" - NOÖ Journal

 “Agency Calls Nightly,” “The Super Cops are Here” - cant.

               "Super Cops" video!

               "Agency" video!

“Star Bar”Otis Nebula

“Archaeologists” - As it Ought to Be, Saturday Poetry Series Featured Poet.

“Archaeologists,” “I’m INTOIT”ILK


Review of The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit - The Los Angeles Review 

"In Service of Him, or What I Thought Service Was" - Entropy Magazine

"Abandoners" - Omniverse

“A Little Hell of its Own,” winner of Bone Bouquet’s 2013 Experimental Prose Contest

Review of The Sonoran Desert: A Literary Field Guide edited by Eric Magrane and Christopher Cokinos - The Los Angeles Review

Review of Wolf and Pilot by Farrah FieldThe Quarterly Conversation